Are you looking for web site of your own?

Do you have a domain name in mind?

Do you need space on the internet to host your web site?

 I will design a basic HTML web site with up to 5 pages for $ 100.00 (this does not apply to .ca & .tv domains)

This includes a personal domain ( (if available), 100 MB of web space, unlimited text or pictures, 9 email addresses. Changes afterwards are extra. Please contact Kevin at

I design web pages using HTML. I do not design interactive web sites. If you are looking to get on the internet and not spend a fortune, then take a look at the services that I offer.

Here are some things you should know
A domain is a web page address that starts with www, for example is a domain. You must register a domain to have use of it.
Now just because you have a domain doesn't mean you have hosting space. Hosting is the ability to put your web site on the internet.
Domains ending in .ca are more expensive than .com or .net or .org. Just because it ends in .ca does not make it more Canadian than a .com

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